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For you folks in the north east

For more information about WMPE-TNG check out We have a lot of college students at our events, and after reading that a few of y'all are in the MA area, you may be interested in this. Any one 18-35 is welcome, and for only $3 (or a snack or non-alcoholic drink to share) you really can't beat it. You can even stay overnight for no extra money! Hope to see you there!!!

On Saturday, February 17th, 2007 WMPE TNG will be hosting a "101 Night".

Who says love needs to be soft and fuzzy? We'll show you some new ways
to really hurt the ones you love! This is the perfect time to break
out those toys you got at the Fetish Flea and see just what they can
really do!

Once again, we will be having 4 presentations. These presenations will
be happening "Exploratorium Style", which means there will be 2 sets
of 2 demos happening simultaneously. Guests are encouraged to wander
between the demos, ask questions, and even participate if they so
desire. We are happy to say that two of our demos will be done by
special guest presenters and the other two will be done by our own
members. We will be having...

"Pervertables" by Duncan
New and interesting ways to make every day items kinky and fun!
Equipment by Buck
Buck will be demonstrating creative ways to use the unique
equipment at his place
Safety by DaSade
Find out how to keep your scene from becoming a medical play scene!
The Basics of Pain by k.
Find out how to create various sensations...from stingy to thuddy,
sensual to pain in the ass...from a single toy.

As always, after the Explortorium there will be open play. Due to the
large number of "out-of-towners" at our previous events, WMPE TNG will
now be hosting a "sleepover" at the end of the night. Have a long drive
and no money for a hotel? Bring your sleeping bag and spend the night
sleeping in the dungeon with us!

Once again the wonderful folks at The Waterhole Custom Leather in
Tolland , CT have kindly agreed to open their space to us! Doors will
open at 8pm. We ask that you bring either a snack or drink to share
with everyone or a $3 donation. Please be prepared to show I.D.

Hope to see you there!

Please feel free to email us at with any questions or comments.
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