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collegebdsm's Journal

College Age BDSM
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Are you in College? are you interested or into BDSM? have a hard time meeting peopele interested in kink yet still able to maintain the vanilla lifestyle?well you've come to the right place, come aboard and introduce yourself, even if your not involved with BDSM and just interested in learning something new that is after all what college is about.

to make this a safe place I have instituted a few guidelines:
<>You Must be over 18(preferably under the age of 24 but its negotiable)
<>Respect all members (harrasing members will get you banned)
<>Please post all entries as friends only unless a Mod has previously given you permission not to

suggestions are welcome and encouraged, and I would love someone to make the community more pleasing on the eyes, and I would love a co mod.